Annual BAJA Sun Worshipping Event

Or known as ‘BAJA Beach Outing’ to some, as it is known at this FaceBook page (must have FaceBook Account to see page). Details below:

* Date: Sunday 24th July 2011
* Time: 3:30pm – 6:30pm
* Place: Muara Beach (Where exactly on Muara Beach to be announced later, hopefully)

Additional Info (the hardworking organizer’s own words):

Since the last meeting was VERY early in the morning, i decided that you guys can come over to Muara Beach at 3.30 till late very late. and i know its VERY EARLY.. but i figured we have to get ready for the BBQ, charcoal takes time to start up..

about the food, id be grateful if everyone brings a little something for the BBQ. Im going to bring the charcoal, utensils and some chicken wings!

bring whatever you want! im bringing my hula hoops, and if i can find a radio we can have music.. GREAT ATTITUDE and NIHONGO

IMPORTANT: insect repellent and sun-block! there are nasty sandflies out and about, and no one wants to get skin cancer.

So come one and come all and do join us there (actually those that are associated with BAJA and/or Bruneian studying in Japan should take note of this, cos if like just anybody could come, it’ll be awkwaaaaard…)

Thanks Adeline


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2 Responses to Annual BAJA Sun Worshipping Event

  1. naj222 says:

    Love the title “Sun Worshipping Event”! Haha.. wish I was there – looks like everyone had lots of fun 🙂

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