Dr. Chin Yam Chin (BAJA Advisor)

I had my primary education in Brunei, high school and sixth form education in Singapore and Kuching, Sarawak respectively.  After completing my sixth form education in 1955, I returned to Brunei to work for 2 years at the Telecom Department to save up money for my university education.

It had always been my dream to go to Japan for further studies, a country with beautiful culture and vitality.  In August 1958, I began my 3 weeks journey by sea to Japan as a private student to study one year intensive course in Japanese language at Asia University, Musashi Sakai, Tokyo, prior to sitting for the National Tokyo Medical & Dental University Entrance examination.  Fortunately, I passed the examination and was accepted by the University concerned in March 1959 as a scholarship student with no obligation.  Hence, I began my six years studies at the National Tokyo Medical and Dental University majoring in Dentistry.  All my classmates were Japanese students from all parts of Japan including Okinawa and they were very intelligent, hard-working and friendly.  I had to study twice as hard in order to catch up with them.  In my class of 60 students, I was the only Riugakusei.

During my six years university education in Tokyo, I stayed with a very good, strict and humble Japanese family of three generations; a couple with 2 children, a boy and a girl, and a grandmother at Konodai, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken.  I spent most of my time with the family besides my time with my classmates and our professors in the university.  Sometimes I felt homesick due to new environment and different culture.  As time passed by, I began to get accustomed to it and I liked it very much.

– Web Editor’s Note: Hopefully more of Dr. Chin YC’s background will be provided in the future –

[ Note from 5ryn Tue12Feb2013 – Dr Chin YC is now our association’s advisor since the 2011 AGM. Before that he was our president since our official re-registration in 2006 and was our interim president throughout the 5 years leading up to our re-registration.]

3 Responses to Dr. Chin Yam Chin (BAJA Advisor)

  1. OJSAT or Old Japan Students’ Association Thailand would like to contact BAJA and would like to tell you that Admiral Wirach Wijarn is newly selected President ( e-mail is wirachw6 @ gmail . com From Niti Wirudcahwong Vice president OJSAT

    • bajabrunei says:

      Hello Niti Wirudchawong

      Thank you for informing BAJA Brunei regarding your new president. I’ll be sure to inform Dr Chin about this. Thank you.

      5ryn for BAJA Brunei

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