BAJA Activities

Our activities tend to be categorised as the following:

  • Members’ involvement either as the working committee or audience and supporters of any cultural activities and functions held by the Japanese Embassy in Brunei such as Japanese Speech Contest whereby BAJA’s President was appointed as the head judge and other members competed.
  • Assist new students who are going to study in Japan by giving some background information on study life, Japanese culture and social adjustments, shared by BAJA members from their own personal experiences.
  • BAJA has also sent some participants to attend seminars and conferences around the region such as the ASEAN Council Of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) and reunion of ex-students in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Organise activities related to Japanese public holidays such as Origami Demonstration to commemorate Children’s Day in Japan with full support from the Embassy of Japan.

52 Responses to BAJA Activities

  1. Carel says:

    I would like to know where can I go for japanese language lesson at an affordable fees and in more structured format (i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced) other than those offered by UBD?

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  3. RK says:

    Does BAJA organise cultural exchange programmes? I remember relatives of mine hosting several Japanese women in Brunei over the past few years.

    • bajabrunei says:

      Hi RK,

      Thanks for asking. I don’t know which programme your relatives were part of but I suspect they were host families for visiting Japanese that were part of some cultural exchange programme, like Nihon Maru and probably some student exchange programmes. We, BAJA, are not doing any hosting as BAJA but some of our members have become host families of other programmes they’ve participated in.

      But we’re planning to host some activities throughout next year. Not homestays though. And I can’t say yet if any overseas or local Japanese will be participating, but we’re going to offer it to them.

      Watch this space and thanks for asking.


  4. NS says:


    I’d like to hire a personal tutor to teach me Japanese language in preparation for my trip in April 2013. Do you by any chance know anyone who will be interested to give personal lessons? Thanks.


    • bajabrunei says:

      Hi NS

      I’ll spread the word around the people I know. As for myself, I’m based in KB.


      • Yujisu says:

        Hi. Im interest in learning Japanese, but going to Bandar just to learn Japanese its really time consuming for me. So, i wonder, is there any japanese teaching classes around kb or seria? thanks 🙂

      • bajabrunei says:

        Hi Yujisu,

        I’m sorry, I don’t know of any Japanese Language lessons in and around KB nor Seria area. But since a previous commenter, Md Isam, is also from KB, and have asked the same thing, I suspect there is some interest in learning Japanese Language in and around KB/Seria area. You guys could try to organise together and request MoE Continuing Education Department – Tel: 2422493 – in Gadong to send one for their teachers to teach at the night class in KB.


  5. Baz says:

    I would like to ask. Is Japanese Language Studies still open? I would like to study japanese language.

  6. I’m looking forward to find Employment and opportunities in Japan but first, i need to learn the language. I have no clue where to apply except on Do guide me.

  7. Md isam says:

    I would like to learn japanese to prepare myself, as I want to continue my studies at japan around October 2015 is there a tuition or such in KB where I can go to since I live in kg.pandan and probably work for a while next year ,2014.

  8. Nisah says:

    Hi, I want to learn Japanese Language. Is there any place that i can learn with affordable fees?

  9. KP says:

    Hello i would like to know if they have night classes for japanese language in unissa gadong? and do they also teach how to write and read kanji and hiragana?

  10. Esme says:


    Was wondering where I can find other language classes?

  11. Bazilah Diyana says:

    Hi..I was wondering if the Japanese lesson is still available

  12. Xin Xun says:

    Hi there,

    I had called to register for the japanese language studies classes, but registration has closed, is there any other ways that i can appeal for registration as i’m very keen to learn japanese.


    • bajabrunei says:

      Xindy, I’m afraid I/we can’t answer that. You can wait for the next intake or you can certainly appeal to whichever body you applied to, UBD/CEU.


    • KP says:

      Hello, the time I called unissa gadong about the registration for japanese language classes, I think that was june last year, they told me that they distribute registration forms by as early as september. I dont know if registration forms are limited so I went there as soon as the distribution date started to be sure I’ll got mine. I got mine the first week of september. After that they told me to come back by october 26 as far as I remember for the actual registration. The registration lasted till first week of november. registration are not only for japanese language classes but other language classes as well. Then this coming february 6 to get the schedule of classes and february 9 for the start of the class as what is in the notice that was given to me. I think you should inquire as early as june this year. This is based only from my personal experience so I dont know if its the same with others and I dont know if you inquired in unissa gadong or in UBD so I just posted my experience in unissa. I do hope this help you. ^_^

      • bajabrunei says:

        Hi KP,

        Thank you for helping out a fellow commenter. It is very much appreciated. If you have other information or experience to share, do feel free to post them here.

        Again, thank you.


  13. AnonLearner says:

    Hello. What is the difference of studying japanese language in unissa gadong than in UBD?

    • bajabrunei says:

      Hi AnonLearner

      One difference is in price. CEU is much cheaper than at UBD, but I don’t have the exact prices though.

      Another is the teachers themselves. At CEU the beginner classes tend to be handled by Japanese-conversant local Bruneians. At UBD, if I’m not terribly mistaken, its taught by the same native Japanese as they have for their own UBD enrolled students taking Japanese language as a subsidiary subject.


  14. Vahitha says:

    Is the class available at kb or seria? I would like to join.

  15. SeiryuRei says:

    Hello. for those who are interested in learning japanese language, for 2016 classes registration, CED gadong will start distributing the forms starting this September 2015 and registration will be at the end of october 2015.

    I got this notice from my sensei in CED. I just want to share for those who are interested. Classes are held in CED gadong.

    • Xindy says:

      Hi there,

      Do we have to get the form from CED Gadong? Other than that, is it applicable to non-students of UBD or working adults? Is there any fees payable?

      • SeiryuRei says: should visit CED gadong to get the form. it is also applicable to working adults because they have night classes. unless you still need to be at work by night time, then you cant . i am also working and usually my classes are 7pm till 9pm for 2days in a week. there would be fees payable because its not free xD.. but it wont even take a hundred dollars though. and classes last for a year.

    • Kate says:

      Hi. Is it possible for you to give the address? Im interested in going there on a Saturday for the form.

      • S H says:

        Bahagian Pendidikan Komuniti Institut Pendidikan Teknikal Brunei, Simpang 347, Jalan Pasar Baru Gadong (Tel: 2422493)

    • teekah says:

      hi there~! I was wonder if there would be any other way to obtain the form? I don’t have any relatives in Brunei that are willing to help, and also mainly because I’m currently in Germany and I won’t be back until January 2016

  16. Mandy says:

    Hi…I would like to know if there is private tutor for Japanese Language in Bandar area?

  17. Bahagian pendidikan lanjutan, A4.
    $33 for local and $49.50 for non local.

  18. Judy says:

    CED notified students at start of this May (via the course teachers) that they have cut short the course completion time for all language classes by 2 months – from end-Nov 2016 to end-Sept. Teaching time (2 evenings per week for Japanese Language) is immediately reduced to 1 evening with the same teaching hours (2 hours per class). Proficiency examination will still be conducted at end of Sept. If the teachers are not given proper time to cover all necessary syllabuses, what is the Certificate of Proficiency reflect? Students have to enrol next year to ‘continue’ the same course at the same level for ‘effective proficiency’? Interesting dilemma ya…

    • J Lim says:

      Thank you for your comment. We’d like to suggest that any concerns on Japanese language courses or any questions be directed to Continuing Education and Training (CET) under Institute Brunei Technical Education (IBTE). They can be contacted through their hotline 2422493 or through their email address at (please include this in the subject of your email “ATTENTION: BPL/CET” to ensure it is directed to the correct department).

  19. Yenney Shim says:

    I would like to ask Is Japanese Language Studies when will open for registration? I would like to study japanese language.

    • J Lim says:

      Thank you for your comment. We’d like to suggest that any questions relating to Japanese Language Classes be directed to Continuing Education and Training (CET) under Institute Brunei Technical Education (IBTE). They can be contacted through their hotline 2422493 or through their email address at (please include this in the subject of your email “ATTENTION: BPL/CET” to ensure it is directed to the correct department).

  20. Elliot says:

    Hello, I’m currently in my second year of high school and was wondering if the UBD Language Center requires you to be a UBD student in order to have access to the Japanese Language courses there?

  21. silver says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if UBD language center will be offering another Japanese Language Lesson to the public again this year.

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