Japan Through Bruneian Eyes


The Embassy of Japan is excited to introduce a new series titled “Japan Through Bruneian Eyes”, which will document Japan’s charms from the view of Bruneians ! In the first installment of this series, members of BAJA (Brunei Association of Japan Alumni) have kindly shared with us about some of Japan’s scenic attractions. Come along and experience Japan through their Eyes!

【Japan Through Bruneian Eyes】

Ishikawa prefecture faces north towards the Sea of Japan and from a casual traveller’s perspective, one of Japan’s hidden gems.

I was given the privilege of participating in the Japan Tent 2009 event that was hosted by Ishikawa prefecture and supported by various Japanese companies. We spent over a week exploring Ishikawa’s urban areas as well as rural.

Summertime in Ishikawa was hot but the sea breeze was always there to cool the towns. My host father took me to a fishing port at the crack of dawn to buy fish and other seafood, freshly caught by the hard workers on fishing boats. My kind host mother prepared the seafood and served us a grand breakfast filled with the freshest of sashimi. The food melted like soft butter in the mouth. It was unlike any other sashimi I had tasted in Japan. In my reflections, I thought that the people in Ishikawa were so fortunate to live so close to the sea.

The wonderful sea scape was such a refreshing change from the hard city landscape and one could almost forget that you were in a country that had skyscrapers and towers. Our tours brought us to some outlying islands with clear blue water that you could almost believe you were visiting a hidden island paradise. I was very fortunate to have witnessed another side of Japan people rarely see, and I hope people can know more about Ishikawa prefecture to experience its beautiful landscapes.

(by Najmina Latif, Period of study/stay in Japan: 2005-2010)

About Naj Latif

Formerly from: Maktab Duli (2003-4), Osaka University of Foreign Studies (2005/6), Kobe University (2006-10) Universiti Brunei Darussalam (2010/11) Affiliated with: Japan Tent Network, Brunei Association of Japan Alumni (BAJA)
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