Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2011

Japan Language Proficiency Test 2011 is now OPEN.
Interested applicants can get the forms at Embassy of Japan.
Application forms cost B$5. and Applications fee B$30 for each grade..
Deadline for submission on 9th September 2011 (Friday).

via Noi of Jpn Emb

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4 Responses to Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2011

  1. Natsu says:

    I really love to take the test but am out of the country at the moment. I heard there’ll be a test sometime in July 2012. Is that right?


    • bajabrunei says:

      Hi Natsu,

      Yup, the JPLT tend to be organised twice a year. Check back again by March, as the closing date for applications tend to be early. Cheers.


      • Natsu says:

        Thanks for the quick reply~ Will definitely check back in March ;D

      • bajabrunei says:

        Hi Natsu,

        I have to apologise because of my misinformation. It is true that JLPT is organised twice a year, but here in Brunei it is only done once a year in early December. Registration tends to close three months in advance.

        Again, apologies and hope you can adjust your plans.


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