Papers & Presentations

Prof. Hayakawa

Deepening ASEAN-Japan Relations in Culture, Education, and Economy: Technological Innovation and Strategic Complementarities

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurdeng Deuraseh

Halal Studeis in UNISSA for Global Reach

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Trung Ngia

The Role of Japan Alumni of Vietnam to bridge people and exchange opportunities for professionals between Japan and Vietnam

Bounwathsana Southammavong

Education In Laos And JAOL Contribution Society And To National Social Economic Development Plan 2016-2020

Do Van Dung

Summary of Prospects of ASEANS & JAPAN MSMES Relationship (Incorporating Halal Industry)

Dr. Fadil Galawat

BAJA & ASCOJA: Towards ASCOJA 50th Year

Dr. Hla Myat Mon

Enrichment of relationship between Myanmar and Japan through Culture, Education and Economy

Dr. Ngov Penghuy

Collaboration through Open International Migration Policies

Dr. Ooi Chee Keong

The JAPAN GRADUATES’ ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA (JAGAM) and its role in promoting trade and economy

Dr. Ravipim Chaveesuk

Comparative Halal Food Market Analysis

Dr. Samran Chooduangngern

OJSAT & ASCOJA In commemorating 40th Anniversary of ASCOJA (1997-2017)

Leei Wong & Pauline Lue

Enriching ASEAN-Japan Relations through Education – Educational exchange between Singapore and Japan

Melline Jaini

Introducing quality halal food to the world

Mohd. Romzee Ibrahim

Muslim Tourists’ Travel Patterns and Behaviour: Towards a sustainable Halal Tourism Market

Philip B. Sanvictores

40 Years of PHILFEJA and ASCOJA – Looking Back and Looking Forward

Phonesavanh Latmany

Halal Industry in Laos: Opportunities and Challenges

Prof. Heri Hermansyah

Challenge for Halal Certification – Issuing Body in the ASEAN Free Trade Market

Prof. Myo Win

Halal Market: Halal Food and Halal Non-Market Food Product (Myanmar Perspective)

Robby Kambey

Maintaining Alumni Relationship

Shinya Yokoyama

Strategic Plan of Brunei in Japan’s Halal Market