A message from a BEDB officer

Basically I am interested to talk to graduates who may have an interest to be entrepreneurs. At the moment, as you may know, a majority of Brunei’s graduates aim for jobs – be it with Government or the private sector. However, one area we would like to have some of these graduates go towards is setting up their on business.

The BEDB has a new scheme called Start Up Brunei which aims to attract the creation of more start ups in Brunei.

We find it easier to work with students who are not bonded, which made me turn to you with regards to Bruneians studying in Japan, specially those who are under the Japanese Government scholarship.

If you are interested, please contact sabrina.shofry(a)bedb.com.bn

Mr Arshad B., a Bruneian working in Japan posted the message above in the ‘Bruneians in Japan‘ FaceBook Group.

Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) Start-Up Brunei Program


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