BAJA Annual General Meeting 2012

* Date: Friday 13th January 2012
* Time: 1400 hrs – 1700 hrs (2pm – 5pm)
* Place: Millenium Restaurant, Beribi (same building as SupaSave Beribi)

This AGM is suppose to be for the year 2011, but due to scheduling issues, it is held in January 2012 instead.  Most important matter to discuss is the nomination and election of the new Executive Committee for years 2012/2013.  Also, as in the previous AGM, the Japanese Ambassador has been invited to attend and he has noted that he’ll grace us with his presence.

BAJA members, please do attend, be on time, and come prepared mentally.  Thank you.



P.S. FaceBook ‘Bruneians in Japan’ Group Event Invitation

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