It’s been a while

The last post here from me was at the end of February. Lots of things have happened since then, both good and bad. We all know, I hope, about the large earthquake and tsunami that struck North-East Japan just over a month ago. Our hearts go to the Japanese nation. I’m sure all of us here at BAJA are doing one thing or another towards lightening the burden of those directly and indirectly affected. FYI, some of us are not just members of BAJA, but are also members of other youth associations here in Brunei. And lately, I’ve seen that these respective associations have been active organising events to collect donations towards the relief of not only those in Japan affected by the aforementioned tragedy, but also those in Christchurch, New Zealand affected by the February earthquake, and also January’s massive flood victims in Australia.

My posts here can’t always be positive and we can’t ignore the world events that surround us. They do affect us indirectly, one way or another. May our empathy and willingness to help in any way we can never run out.


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