Kempo Kicks Up Great Show

Kempo martial arts experts staging stunning performances

Kempo martial arts experts staging stunning performances at the Berakas Indoor Stadium during an event organised by Department of Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in cooperation with the BDNOC.. Picture: BT/ Rudolf Portillo

THE Indonesia Shorinji Kempo Federation (Perkemi) exhibited a convincing performance in the hope of setting up a kempo association in the Sultanate at the Indoor Stadium of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex in Berakas yesterday.

“We have about 400 dojos in Indonesia alone spread across 33 provinces. Other places (which we have set up dojos) include Timor Leste, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Therefore, we want to establish Shorinji Kempo, or the relationship that comes with kempo, in Brunei by upholding the motto of ‘The Unity of Strength and Love’,” said Indra Kartasasmita, the Chief Director of Perkemi, in his opening address. Indra was one of three persons who officially established Perkemi on Feb 2, 1966.

His Royal Highness Prince Hj Sufri Bolkiah, the Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council (BDNOC) President, was present as guest of honour to witness Perkemi in action.

Organised by the Department of Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in cooperation with the BDNOC, about 1,000 people were treated to a mixed feast of goho (hard techniques such as punches and kicks) and juho (soft techniques such as drawing out and throwing). The exhibition also demonstrated how the kenshis (disciples) were taught seiho (correcting techniques such as spine adjustments).

The 16 athletes then showcased “embu” and “randori”, which will be the kempo events contested at the 26th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Palembang, Indonesia. It will be the sport’s debut at the biennial Games since its inception in 1959.

Embu is when two kenshis exchange roles in being the attacker and the defender. Usually performed in pairs, embu can also be performed by six or eight kenshis in a group.

Meanwhile, randori is sparring between two exponents, each equipped with headgear, gloves and body protector.

Those who missed out on what Shorinji Kempo has to offer still have the chance to catch them in action before they leave on Feb 10.

The kenshis will demonstrate their skills at the Mumong Sports Complex in Belait today at 9am, before stopping at the Tutong Sports Complex at 1.30pm.

Perkemi will end their trip in the Sultanate tomorrow with a visit to Belalong Hall in Temburong at 8.30am before ending the day at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s male hostel at 1.30pm.

Based on Shaolin Kungfu with roots from India and enhanced in Japan, Shorinji Kempo was founded and created by Doshin Sho in the Japanese town of Tadotsu in 1947.

The Brunei Times
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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