ASEAN 50: 2017

As an ASEAN-accredited civil society organization, ASCOJA will also proudly celebrate ASEAN’s 50th year anniversary since its establishment this year, in 2017.

H.E Mr Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan on 2nd May 2016 said –

ASEAN is at the heart of Asia, straddling the Pacific and Indian Oceans. As a huge market with the population of over 600 million, ASEAN has become the center of both production and consumption, as a driving force of the world economy. Furthermore, its importance is not limited in economy. ASEAN occupies a central role in peace and prosperity in the Asian region, as the core of political frameworks in East Asia, such as the East Asia Summit (EAS) and the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). It would not be difficult to imagine how vitally important and valuable it is for Japan to have such partnership with ASEAN.

It is with this same sentiment that BAJA, as the current Chair of ASCOJA, intends to carry out its role as a bridge between ASEAN countries and Japan.